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As you see, I have some neat projects going on in the ManiaPlanet, Trackmania and Shootmania community. You can support me by tipping me some money so my monthly bills can be a bit less that intense. It’s completely optional, but if you want to support me with paying the bills or just show off that you love one of the projects you are welcome!

PyPlanet – Next generation server controller

More information here:

ManiaPlanet Toolkit App

ManiaCalendar – The community driven calendar

ManiaJS – The non-blocking controller

ManiaJS is a new server controller for ManiaPlanet that is in early stage, it uses NodeJS and the core itself is written in TypeScript.

ManiaCDN – ManiaPlanet Community Content Distribution Network

The CDN is powered by the community and used by the community. Click on the link below for more information.